Religious Education Program

The religious education program at St. Edward has two parts: the religious education for children, and the religious education for adults.

Religious Education for Children

Religious Education icon Parents are the primary educators of their children. The Religious Education Program at St. Edward supports and assists parents in preparing their children to respond to the presence of God. This response develops when children see it witnessed by parents and other faith members, when they hear the message of the Gospel and when they seek to achieve a relationship with Jesus Christ. This relationship then compels them to love and serve God and others. By becoming a mature and responsible Christian, they can then transform themselves and their society.

The students will know and understand the main contents of Salvation History, the person, message and mission of Jesus Christ, and the history and basic teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. The students will be enabled and encouraged to witness to and integrate into their lives the message and mission of Jesus. Through the interdependence of parents, catechists, and parish community, the students will be enabled and encouraged to develop a sense of belonging to a faith community and to celebrate their communal faith experience through meaningful participation in community liturgies and services. The religious education program for children happens through St. Edward School and the St. Edward PSR (Parish School of Religion) Program.

  Students will be enabled and encouraged to develop a sense of belonging to a faith community  

Religious Education for Adults

Hand Holding Bible We are life-long learners in the ways of Christ. Just because we graduated from school doesn't mean we don't stop in our growing in the knowledge and love of God. The first place that we continue in our faith journey is by attending Mass and receiving the other sacraments. If you haven't been to Mass in a while, welcome back. Come and be comfortable with giving God praise through the Mass. If you are searching for more about what is available for you, the religious education for adults comprises many different programs and outreaches. Feel free to check out each of following pages on our website. If you have a suggestion for a new program or outreach, please feel free to contact Fr. Rod.

Areas for Adult Education Currently at St. Edward

The Little Rock Scripture Study series has been used by St. Edward for over 20 years. Different studies are offered in the Fall and Spring with different times and locations to meet a variety of needs. Please contact the parish office for more details.

Adult Catechesis programs are offered at various times of the year. Check the bulletin for more information as to when they are available.

Programs used in the past include:

  • Catholicism series by Fr. Robert Barron
  • Nationally recognized speakers, including Steven Ray
  • Video series "The Footprints of God"