RaiseRight Money/Gift Card Program

The St. Edward School Money Card Gift Card program helps support St. Edward school. Over the years many people including non-parishioners as well as parishioners, the general public and people from all walks of life have supported St. Edwards through this program. It will give you discounts at many area stores, restaurants, and other places of business.

Click here to open, view, and print the Money Card Program order form.

Letter To Parents, Parishioners and Friends

Hello Fellow School Parents, Parishioners and Friends,

After years of selling candy, wrapping paper, cookie dough and other items at an inflated price in an effort to raise money for St. Edward School; we decided to go with a fund raising program that benefits us both.

We have found a company that will allow us the opportunity to purchase gift cards which can be used at many national retailers. Because of this company's volume buying power, St. Edward School will be able to retain a discount on the cards we order. This program affords to you the buyer the same value at the business that you spend on the gift card. This is not a fundraiser that has high markups to cover profits for the organization.

Here's how the St. Edward School Money Card Program works:

  Twice a month order forms will come home with your youngest or only child attending St. Edward School. The order due and delivery dates will be noted on that form. Complete your order form and return it to school along with the payment prior to or before 3p.m. on the date due.

  Be sure to complete the box asking for delivery method. This should be you picking up the cards at the school office or having them sent home with your student. We prefer not to mail cards to you.

  Be sure you have included your name and telephone number on the order form.

  Make sure that your order indicates the quantity, denomination and total value of the cards you want.

  The cards will be sent out to St. Edward School in no more than 3 business days.

  The cards will then be distributed to you. Mailing them is not an option.

  You cam also order your cards online.

As this fundraiser has grown over the past few years we have been able to develop an inventory of gift cards including some of the national chain retailers and also some of our hometown vendors. To purchase these cards simply stop at the school anytime during school hours. They are available at the front desk. There are also parent volunteers available in the gathering area of the church after weekend masses to sell cards and take orders for cards.

However, the best way to insure you receive the cards you want when you want them is to place an order.

This program is our only major fundraiser. We expect all families attending the school to participate monthly.

Thank you!