School Advancement

We are in the process of reconnecting with alumni and building our alumni database. We are using the database to send e-newsletters to update alumni on the accomplishments of other alumni as well as share some what is currently happening at St. Edward School. St. Edward School has come a long way since our first group of graduates! The support from our alumni has benefitted students for a long time and will continue to benefit them in the future.

5 Reasons to Support St. Edward School

  Community of Education, Stewardship, and Service

St. Edward School is a community of education, stewardship, and service. Our curriculum and extracurricular activities provide preschool through eighth grade students academic and personal growth that lasts a lifetime. For over 60 years, we have provided students a foundation that impacts their own lives as well as the lives of their classmates, families, and communities. With each student, we strive to fulfill the principles of our mission statement: "St. Edward is a Catholic school open to children of all faiths. Each student shall be challenged to glorify God through academic excellence, stewardship, and community service."

  Making Education Affordable

Approximately 20% of our student body receives some form of tuition assistance. This tuition assistance comes from donations from our "Tuition Angels." We are committed to working with families who seek a Catholic education to make it an affordable option for them.

  Support a Blue Ribbon School

St. Edward School is a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence as recognized by the United States Department of Education.

  Securing the Future

Building the St. Edward endowment secures the future of St. Edward School.

  Supplementing Tuition

Tuition covers only about 40%-60% of the total cost of educating a child (based on parishioner/non-parishioner rates). Tuition supplements are needed to provide an education./p>