Philosophy of Art

Our philosophy of art through all grades is to have them work through all the basic art mediums starting with crayons and moving on through markers, construction paper, tempera paint, 3 dimensional work, clay, and so forth. It is our objective that each year they become better skilled at working with the art and particular mediums. Their understanding of art terms and techniques improve with each year.

As we mine through the year, the art projects are matched with various areas of study as to seasons, holidays, and areas of faith. A concentrated effort is made for them to see the beauty of Christ as Creator in all areas of life, in their own work, and that of others. It is also our desire that they find great joy in the creating of their work and see it as a worthy outgrowth of who they are.

Throughout all the grades we try to work in correlating examples of great artists through the ages for them to see what has been done and how others have expressed themselves in those particular art mediums. In the 7th and 8th grades, a greater in-depth study of particular artists is done with a more intense study of various art mediums.

In all grades, we try very strongly to develop in the students a joy of art and of what they have done. - "Yes I love it . . . it is a masterpiece!" Yes, each of your children are a masterpiece as it says in Psalms 139 "Fearfully and wonderfully made."


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