Volunteering: Music Ministry

It is no accident that there is an entire book of the Bible of psalms
or songs to worship God. The psalms and canticles are prayed each day in the prayer of the Church called the "Liturgy of the Hours." In the document Sacred Music from the Second Vatican Council we find that "The unity of hearts is more profoundly achieved by the union of voices." At our Masses here at St. Edward, we join our voices to the Lord as our two parish choirs and cantors assist us in our worship. The music ministry is open to all members, starting around grade 6 with no upper age limit. The only requirement is a desire to "sing joyfully to the Lord" (Psalm 100).

Choirs and Cantors

Canticle Choir
    Sings at the 8:30 AM Sunday Mass. Practices are usually are on Thursday evenings.
    Please contact Susan Meixner for more information.

Parish Choir
    Sings at the 11:00 AM Sunday Mass. Practices are usually are on Wednesday evenings.
    Please contact Helen Marie Hecker for more information.

    Lead the 4:30 PM Saturday Mass and some 11:00 AM Sunday Masses