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Name/Email Year Info
Longsdorf, Katherine (Hootman)
kh3 at
Gehrisch, Beth (Uecker)
gehrisch at
Woleab, Holly (Uecker)
hkwoleab at
Duff, Katie (Leist)
scottandkatieduff at
Carlson, Brooke
brooke_carlson03 at
1995 I am currently teaching math at West Holmes High School. Mr. Mark is definitely part of the reason why I went into teaching!
Houghtaling, Andrea (Spicker)
andrea.houghtaling at
1995 I graduated from St. Peters in 1999 and University of Cincinnati in 2004 with a B.A. in Political Science. I currently live outside of Atlanta, GA with my husband, Andrew and our son Max, born August, 2009.
Czegan, Demetra (Chengelis)
deedeeblossom at
1994 I graduated from Seton Hill University in 2002 with a BA in chemistry and art history, then went to graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh, obtaining a PhD in Chemistry in 2009. I am currently a chemistry professor at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, PA - where I live with my husband, Matt and son, Lukas, who will be 2 in September 2010.
Bartosic, Sarah
sarahbartosic at
1998 I'm sure most of the teachers might remember me. I went to St. Ed's k-5th. I am 24 years old and I am a hair stylist in Dayton, Ohio. The reason I decided to fill this section is b/c I really cherished going to St.Ed's while I was there. Mr. Mark was the greatest principal. I honest don't think I can describe how much the school affected me and made me the way I am today. I learned so many values that have helped me through out life. I would recommend this school to anyone!
Smith, Stephanie (Strine)
steph_strine at
1998 I work in a GI pathology lab. Going to school for yet another degree. This one is in human services. married to a great guy name Simon.
Tucky, Kevin
chefkev19 at
Fulton, Denita ( Benedetti)
dfultonashland at
Mendenhall, Melinda (O'Neill)
dmen18 at
1985 Graduated AU 1993, MBA 2002 3 Children all attending St. Edward's currently- they make the 3rd generation to attend St. Edward's Currently Employeed at Simonson Construction Services, Inc. Married Doug Mendenhall
Murphy, Kristina
kristiking at
Highman, Alison (Montgomery)
alison_highman at
1994 I attended the University of Dayton and received a Bachelor's degree in Psychology/Biology. After graduation, I attended the University of Cincinnati for Nursing. I am working part-time on Labor and Delivery at Samaritan Hospital. I am married to Oliver Highman, and we have two children together Emma (age 3) and Isabella (age 15 months).
Whittlesey, Jonathon
jonathon.whittlesey at
1997 Following St. Ed's I went to Western Reserve Academy for high school, The College of William and Mary for undergrad and the University of Akron for law school. I currently live with my new wife, Ashleigh, in Lyndhurst, Ohio and work in downtown Cleveland for an international law firm, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey, L.L.P. Ashleigh and I have two pets, a 5 lb. dog named Cujo and a cat named Bella.
Krieg, Margie (Blumenschein)
bucknut52 at
Shea, Patrick
pshea1128 at
Schlechty, Heather (Lemieux)
hschlechty at
North, Heidi
hlnorth at
Durling, Teresa (Howell)
teresanole2 at
1958 Although I only attended St Edward School in first and second grades, I have never forgotten the days I spent there. We moved to Florida when my second grade class was preparing for our First Holy Communion. It broke my heart to leave and I still miss my hometown of Ashland. I am now a teacher and have been teaching for 37 years. I hope to visit Ashland in the not too distant future and look forward to visiting St. Edward School and the church while I am there.
Longsdorf, Katherine (Hootman)
katielongsdorf at
Humbel-Courtney, Julie (Humbel)
jhumbelcourtney at
Redenbaugh, Dorothea (Good)
duffie2 at
Freshwater, Ashley
akf15 at
2006 attending the University of Akron
Koehler, Gary
koehler at
Gill, Erica
ecgill257 at
Krieg, Amy
krieg.amy at
Ferguson, Amy
amy.e.ferguson at
2000 I graduated the University of Dayton School of Law in May of 2011 and am currently working as an attorney in Miamisburg, Ohio.
Crone, Todd
toddcrone at
Bauer, Stacy (Montgomery)
stacynicolebauer at
1997 I graduated from The University of Dayton w/my Bachelor's Degree from the School of Business. I currently work from home as a Commercial Real Estate Escrow Manager for Capital Advisors. I married Tommy Bauer & we have 3 children (Mason, Avery & Madalyn).
test, test
Mowry, Kerry (Meyers)
kajmow1 at
1980 Graduated from Ashland College in 1984, lived in Michigan for 19 years raising a family, then moved to Florida briefly, and now currently reside in Westlake, Ohio. Married to Jeff Mowry from Bellville, Ohio
Peterson, Marc(us)
mk4u2 at
1966 I attended 3rd grade at St. Eds in 1966. I still remember Sister Krista and Father Rumplick. Shout out to the Hicks family...they taxied us to school from Savannah. Currently a tax manager for a manufacturer near Atlanta, GA.
Laskey, Jill (Shafer)
jlaskey at
Manges, Bridget
bridget10599 at
2014 st edwards is like the best school. it learned me so much and prepared me good for my future<3 ily all
Irwin, Bobby
robertstevenirwin at gmail.comrobertstevenirwin at
2003 St. Edward's School gave me a solid foundation for everything in my life - acceptance of others, problem solving skills, work ethic, treating everyone with respect, valuing family and friends, developing a relationship with God, etc. I can't thank the people in my time at St. Ed's enough - people like: Mr. Huber, Father Cassidy, Father Sean, Mr. and Mrs. Valentine, Mrs. Reinman, Mrs. Herrick, Mrs. Law, Mrs. Herrick, Mrs. Keller, Principal Mr. Mark, etc. Also - congrats on the Blue Ribbon!
Wallery, Jeff
jwallery at
1979 I graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Masters Degree in Genetics in 1992. I'm currently a Study Director at a lab in Columbus, OH where we perform preclinical cardiovascular research. I've been in this line of work and lived in Columbus for over 23 years. St. Edward was an invaluable start to my numerous years in academia.
Wokojance, Amy (Weiler)
amy.wokojance at
1989 I live in Ashland, Ohio and work for Apple, Inc. I am also a photographer but my most important job is mom to 5 kids.
Conery, Ian
ConeryI11 at
2003 Married May 23, 2015 to Bethany Morr, an AHS graduate. I received my Masters Degree in Geophysical Sciences from East Carolina University, and am currently working towards a P.H.D. in Coastal Resource Mgmt.
Conery, Kelly
Kc716212 at
2006 Attending Ohio University pursuing a degree in Health Services Administration. I will graduate next year, 2017.
Bishop, Sara (Donley)
seb024 at
Middleton, Katlin (Stupi)
kmiddletondpt at
2001 I graduated from the College of Mount St. Joseph in 2008 with a Bachelors in Biology, and in 2011 with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I married Blake Middleton, a Naval Officer, in June 2013. We're currently stationed in North Carolina, and I work in a physical therapy clinic serving active duty Marines and Sailors. We've traveled to Zambia, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, and England so far! Thank you for an amazing foundation for the rest of my academic career.
O'Sullivan, MaryAnn (McKibben)
mosulli2 at
Cramer, Terry
tmichaelcramer at
Vercillo, Tom
vercillonj at
Rumker, Nicole
nrumker at
Sackett, Kathleen (Hoffman)
sackeka at
1956 I am married to Denny Sackett for 53 years this year. We have two daughters and three grandchildren. We live in Reynoldsburg OH and we plan to move back to Ashland next year. After retiring I learned to quilt. I had enjoyed sewing for many years and quilting brought me back t o it. I remember many of the life lessons I learned at St Edward School and how they helped to shape me into the person I am today.
Blackford , Nella
nblackfo at
2006 I graduated from The Ohio State University in 2015 with a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education. I am currently employed at St. Edward as the 2nd grade teacher. St. Edward is a wonderful community to be part of.
Swope, Elaine (Elaine Swope)
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Impressions, Aerial (Aerial Impressions)
darren at
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