Academic Excellence and Achievements

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Testing

All of the Catholic elementary schools within the Diocese of Cleveland administered the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress). NWEA researcher produces norms based on a nationally representative sample of MAP test scores from over five million students. The number below shows the percentage of students in each grade level at St. Edward School who scored in the average, high average and high percentile ranks, respectively. Results are from the spring of 2018.

  Mathematics Reading
Kindergarten 76% 78%
First Grade 85% 68%
Second Grade 57% 68%
Third Grade 78% 90%
Fourth Grade 88% 88%
Fifth Grade 91% 91%
Sixth Grade 70% 70%
Seventh Grade 92% 83%
Eight Grade 76% 100%

National Catholic Education Association Assessment of Catechesis Religious Education, May 2018

  5th Grade Group Average 8th Grade Group Average
Knowledge of the Faith 95% 98%
Liturgical Life 94% 93%
Moral Formation 93% 95%
Prayer 96% 93%
Communal Life 94% 95%
Missionary Spirit 92% 96%

Science Fair

Local Science Fair

• 20 Superior ratings in 6th, 7th & 8th grade

Mohican District Science Fair

• St. Edward received award for Highest Percentage of Superior Rating, Elementary School
• St. Edward received award for Most Superior Ratings, Elementary School
• Five participants qualified to go on to the state district science fair.


Youth Fitness Award

57 students won Youth Fitness Awards

God, Flag, and Country Speech Competition

Second Place for the 12-13 age group

Ohio Stock Market Challenge

• Finished fourth out of 568 high school and middle school teams with a 10.81% gain
• Finished second out of 162 middle school teams in their division.

Continuing Student Excellence

The graduating class from Ashland High School featured 6 Valedictorians who were St. Edward School alumni.