History of St. Edward School

Beginnings and Early Growth

St. Edward School opened its doors for the first time in September 1953 to one hundred one pupils in grades one through six. The faculty consisted of three sisters of the Order of St. Francis. Sister M. Charline was the principal and Reverend Vincent Jones was the pastor of the parish.

The school grew rapidly and by 1955 grade seven was added with the addition of grade eight in 1957. Enrollment began to decline and grades seven and eight were eliminated in 1970. Grade seven was reinstated in 1974 and grade eight in 1975.


St. Edward School has always been very blessed to have many caring people praying for the faculty and students. Over the past few years, through the work of devoted individuals and a supportive parish, many positive changes have occurred.


A new school was constructed adjacent to the existing building.


A new library was added to the basement of the new school.


A state of the art kitchen and a beautiful cafeteria for the students was built. Several individuals selflessly volunteered their time to build this. The funding for the project was made possible by a $25,000.00 grant from the Ashland County Community Foundation and the generosity of two local benefactors. The expense of this project was dramatically reduced through the efforts of the volunteers.


The empty lot where the old church once stood was transformed into a beautiful prayer garden and playground. For the first time in the history of St. Edward School the children could enjoy outdoor play equipment placed on a soft surface.


The Joan Winbigler Memorial Science Lab was completed.


The office in the old school was converted into a prayer room.


New activity center is built.


Although the school has been open for more than 60 years, there have been only six principals during this time: Sister M. Charline from 1953-1956, Sister M. Elmer from 1956-1959, Sister M. Charline from 1959-1962, Sister Alice Marie from 1962-1968, Sister Joan Clare from 1968-1969, Mr. Douglas Mark from 1969-2000, and Mrs. Suellen Valentine from 2000 to the present.

Academic Standards and Gospel Message

St. Edward School combines high academic standards with the gospel message and a strong sense of community. The curriculum guidelines from the Diocese of Cleveland provide the framework for academic excellence. Academic lessons are often extended beyond the classroom setting to such arenas as the art museum, opera, symphony, and university science labs. The seventh grade participates in an overnight trip to Jumonville, P.A. (the historic beginning of George Washington's military career) and Frank Lloyd Wright's famous architectural wonder, Fallingwater.

The eighth grade students start their year with an overnight trip to the Loyola Retreat House in Clinton, Ohio. All students with their respective class members at St. Edward School participate in community service projects and character development programs. Great emphasis is placed on service and stewardship. The focus of an outstanding music program, the weekly Children's Mass invites student participation through singing, playing instruments, and even performing liturgical dances. As school leaders, seventh and eighth grade students are the readers, commentators, and song leaders at the Wednesday Liturgy. The Mass is truly a weekly highlight.

ACCF Endowment and Donation Forms

St. Edward School is proud to have established an endowment with the Ashland County Community Foundation. The initial funds for this endowment were made possible from the estate of the beloved Mary Waller. If you would like more information about leaving a bequest to the school, information is available through the school or the Ashland County Community Foundation.

If you would like to make a donation, please use our online donation form.