Belief Statements

Saint Edward School adheres to the following belief statements:

  We believe the purpose of Catholic education is to offer an enriched Catholic faith-based education which teaches the Gospel values across all curricula and fosters continual academic and spiritual growth. We educate the whole student, nurturing the mind, body, spirit, and soul of the child.

  We believe Catholic schools are academic centers that integrate the highest quality of education for all students in a context infused with Gospel values and a demand for excellence. We believe each child should be continually challenged to reach individual potential in all content areas of study.

  We believe that instruction is derived from the curriculum guidelines and incorporates various methods of teaching based on learning styles, multiple intelligences, and individual abilities.

  We believe that the strong curriculum by the diocese is crucial because it provides the basic foundation for all learning in the school. Implementation of said curriculum allows for school-wide continuity in all subject areas.

  We believe assessment should be multifaceted and based on curriculum guidelines and teacher enhancement. We believe that a variety of assessment formats should be implemented to enable students with various learning styles and capabilities to succeed within the classroom.

  We believe that continuous improvement requires education, willingness, and the desire to make positive changes in targeted areas to improve student learning.

  We believe that the administration and teachers are leaders for continuous improvement. Leadership branches out from within bringing parents and students into a workable fold.


- Mission Statement -

St. Edward Catholic School, a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, is a part of St. Edward Parish. St. Edward School welcomes and serves families of all faiths in Ashland and the surrounding counties. We challenge our school family to glorify God through academic excellence, leadership, and service to others as we continue to grow in our faith and live the Gospel message.